Updated 05/21/2024

Viewpoint Academy Student Disorderly Conduct Policy

The purpose of this policy is to uphold the standards of collaborative learning and respectful positivity that are foundational to the educational ethos at Viewpoint Academy. We aim to foster an environment where all students can participate actively and positively in their educational journey.

This policy applies to all students enrolled across all programs and courses at Viewpoint Academy.

Policy Statement:
At Viewpoint Academy, we believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful learning environment. Any student behavior that undermines these core values is taken seriously and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Definition of Disorderly Conduct:
Disorderly conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:

  1. Verbal Abuse: Use of derogatory, offensive, or provocative language.
  2. Physical Misconduct: Unwanted or threatening physical contact.
  3. Disruption of Activities: Interfering with the conduct of classes or other academy functions.
  4. Harassment: Behavior that intimidates, degrades, demeans, or harasses others.
  5. Property Damage: Intentional or reckless damage to property.
  6. Failure to Comply: Failing to comply with directions of academy officials.
  7. Antagonistic Behavior: Actions that deliberately incite discord or hostility within the academy, such as:
  • Instigating conflicts among the academy community.
  • Participating in activities that disrupt the respectful and collaborative atmosphere.
  • Spreading rumors or misinformation that negatively affects others.

Procedures for Handling Disorderly Conduct:

  1. Immediate Ejection: To ensure a safe and conducive learning environment, Viewpoint Academy reserves the right to immediately eject any student whose behavior is deemed severely disruptive or threatening. This measure is intended as a deterrent to prevent disorderly conduct that undermines the educational process or jeopardizes the safety of others.
  2. Clear Warning: All students are hereby warned that extreme cases of disorderly conduct, especially those that create antagonism or disrupt the collaborative and respectful atmosphere of our classrooms, may lead to immediate ejection without prior warning.

Financial Obligations Under Disciplinary Actions:

  • Financial Liability: Students remain financially liable for the full cost of services enrolled, regardless of any disciplinary actions.
  • Ejection and Cancellation: Ejected students are not entitled to refunds and remain responsible for full payments.
  • Collections: The academy reserves the right to pursue all available legal avenues to collect outstanding debts.


  • Students may appeal disciplinary decisions according to the procedures outlined in the student handbook. Appeals do not suspend the obligation to make payments during the appeal process.
  • To appeal disciplinary decisions you may write an email to classroom@viewpointlearn.com

All students are expected to contribute positively to the learning environment, respecting the ideals of collaboration and positivity that define the ethos of Viewpoint Academy.