Updated 11/01/2023

When engaging with Viewpoint Services Inc. as a Teacher, you are entering into an agreement that outlines the essential terms and responsibilities associated with your teaching role. This agreement covers various aspects of your engagement, including but not limited to:

Term of Engagement

The agreement terms is from the Agreement commences date and concludes twelve months thereafter unless otherwise specified in your individual agreement. Premature termination of this contract is not permitted, unless otherwise specified in your individual agreement.

Teaching Duties

Your role as a Teacher involves a range of responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Planning: Developing comprehensive course outlines and individual lesson plans.
  • Communication: Collaborating with curriculum advisors and mentors regarding course and lesson plans, student attendance, and progress.
  • Adherence: Following the guidelines, framework, and instructional standards set by the Curriculum Department.
  • Preparation: Creating and delivering interactive learning activities, and submitting plans to the Curriculum Department prior to lessons.
  • Presentation Style: Conducting lessons in an energetic, engaging, and educational manner.
  • Recording: Ensuring all lessons are recorded in both video and audio formats, and providing the files to the Company.
  • Materials: Supplying diverse learning materials and resources for student benefit.
  • Assignments: Setting meaningful classwork, homework, and quizzes, and providing timely feedback.
  • Monitoring: Tracking students’ attendance and progress, and encouraging their success.
  • Support: Being available to address students’ concerns and questions through designated communication channels.

Syllabus and Schedule

Your teaching schedule, including subjects, timings, and locations, will be as per our Course Schedule section. A Syllabus Schedule must be collaboratively established within 30 days of the contract start, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Confidentiality Obligations

Your role demands strict confidentiality concerning any proprietary information, including operational practices, student details, and business strategies.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any intellectual property created by you, the Teacher, under this Agreement is the sole property of Viewpoint Services Inc. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to utilize any copyrighted material you provide during your engagement.


For the duration of your contract and for twelve months thereafter, you agree not to engage in any business activities that directly compete with the interests of Viewpoint Services Inc.


As a Teacher, you are obligated not to solicit or entice away any of the Company’s contractors, nor to induce them to breach their contractual obligations with the Company.

Hiring Students

Should you choose to hire students, it must be under these conditions:

  • Such hiring should not negatively impact the student’s engagement with Viewpoint Services Inc.
  • You must hold a minimum of 25% ownership in the entity hiring the student.
  • For each student hired, you are required to compensate the Company with either 5% of the annual full-time salary or a flat fee of $1000, depending on the nature of employment.
  • Viewpoint Services Inc. reserves the right to waive this compensation at its discretion.

Return of Property

Upon the termination of your contract, you are required to promptly return all property belonging to Viewpoint Services Inc. Additionally, any copies of proprietary documents in your possession must be destroyed within ten days of contract termination.


Reimbursement for expenses incurred during your tenure as a Teacher is subject to prior authorization by Viewpoint Services Inc. Only expenses pre-approved by the Company will be eligible for reimbursement.

Contractual Penalty

In cases of breach of contract or premature termination, a penalty amounting to 50% of the total estimated compensation, as outlined in individual contract, will be applicable.

Visitor confidentially

By visiting the Viewpoint services facility or hosted event, you may be exposed to secret information such as trade secrets, business practices. This includes any products or services that could be considered proprietary information. This also includes the identity and personal details of any staff, vendors, teachers, students, volunteers, or patrons, all information about anyone who seeks or has received the services of, and must be kept confidential. You understand that this information is NOT to be shared with anyone including any private or public institutions. You will maintain the vendors and confidentiality of those people you meet at the establishment, and through digital communication brought by its services. You understand that your confidentiality obligation is ongoing and it does not end upon termination of your relationship with this establishment.

Visitor Non-recruitment

You will not, on behalf of yourself or any other Person or Entity, act or assist others to solicit, induce, persuade, or encourage, or attempt to solicit, induce, persuade, or encourage any individual employed by the Company to leave the company.

You will not act or assist to recruit, offer, screen or refer candidates that may result in employment of any student or trainee of Viewpoint Services. Whether or not such employment is a full-time or temporary or contractor without prior written consent or recruitment contract with Viewpoint Services.

Non disclosure

You may not disclose content of this course including (but not limited) material, curriculum, recordings, and any other intellectual property close the to anyone. Course recording may not be downloaded without written consent.

By engaging with Viewpoint Services you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy as well as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy